We are a Veteran and Immigrant owned business.

We are a fun loving couple home ported in landlocked Glenburn, North Dakota.

We decided to open this online gift store as a result of not being able to find exactly what we wanted to for a friend of ours that is not well, we only found candy, chocolate or cookies available which she is not able to have. Thus we decided to freshen up the idea of gift giving. We are offering simple and unique boxes and/or crates. The items we have purchased and are offering in our online store are from U.S. companies (not all of which create their products in the U.S.A.).We also include “Pride of Dakota” products when you purchase the Coffee or Tea boxes. As we grow we are planning on opening this option up to be included with the crates or to be ordered separately. We are adding new products so please keep a weather eye out for them.

We ship to the 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia and Canada.


We are trying to be good stewards of the seas and land. Thus we are reusing all packing materials received. We are also turning the cardboard and other like items into packing materials. All large Styrofoam, plastic and metal items are taken to a local recycling facility. All wood scraps are being turned into fuel.

Handmade Products

small, medium, large handmade wooden boxes stacked ontop of each other

All of our wood products are handmade using new and/or reclaimed wood. (no robots, elves or carpenter ants are being exploited in the production of our items). Each item that is created will have it’s own distinct personality, no two being the same. You will find that these boxes have a plethora of uses. Just for an example they may be used for storing your “pieces of eight”, jewelry, or other valuable trinkets. You may also find that you wish to keep something as mundane as important papers or other keepsakes items in them.

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