Gift Boxes

Procure a Treasure in a Box

Custom Gift Boxes

You can now customize your own gift box. Choose the size and what you would like to fill it with. In each size chest you will be able to select the same number of items that are in the prefilled chests. All you have to do is select your chest above and then choose your items from the menu.

These gift boxes b’ perfect for ye to give to yer favorite matey. They have a multitude of uses. Ye are able to fill them with money or other valuables/trinkets. If ye so desire ye may gift them for a graduation, wedding present or fer any other special date that is in the near future. They also b’ ideal to store yer favourite spices. Let yer imagination soar with what ye can use them fer. There may be a delay in shipping as we hand make every order.

These solid Cedar boxes are approximately 4x4x4. We have oiled the outside with a natural Danish oil. We leave the interior untouched so when you open the box you get that wonderful Cedar aroma.

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